Thursday, 17 November 2011

Some tips for washing machine users

1. Don't put more number of clothes than the specified number in your user manual. If you put more clothes, it may not wash the clothes properly as there will be no space for rotation and spin.

2. Nowadays seperate powders for washing machine from all the popular brands like RIN,Ariel,Surf etc are available.Use it instead of normal washing powders.

3. Never put silk sarees or delicate clothes in washing machine.Instead wash it by hand or give it for laundry.

4. Don't put the colour clothes and white clothes together in the washing machine unless you are very sure that the colour wont come out from the clothes.

5. Clean the dust collector bag in the washing machine frequently.

6. If your washing machine has got the option for cleaning the tub, do it atleast once in a month.

7. While putting shirts, handwash the shirt's collar before putting it to washing machine as most of the machines are not removing these kind of stains whatever detergent we use.

8. Keep the warranty card and customer care number of your washing machine always in hand in case of any problem. Normally washing machines come with 2 years warranty.

9. Don't put woolen clothes like socks in the washing machine as the threads may came out. 

10. Don't use washing machine for just 2 or 3 clothes. Instead you can wash that by hand.

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