Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Buying Guide- High Definition Tv’s

If you are finally ready to say goodbye to your old family CRT TV, your next step should be to buy a good flat screen HDTV. The market is saturated with brands, and there is no better time than now to make this purchase. From cost-effective 25-inch LED TVs to gargantuan, wall sized monsters that cost the earth, the sky is the limit! So let's find out which one would be perfect for you.

Although it may seem so, bigger is not always better when it comes to screen sizes. But then there are other things you have to take into consideration, such as space constraints. If you have a small home, there is no point in thinking of a 55-inch mega screen for your wall. So let’s be realistic and think about where you are going to place the TV; whether you will be wall-mounting it, placing it on a table, etc. Thus the size of your room largely determines what size of TV you really need.

Viewing distance
You have to be very particular about how close or far you are sitting while watching TV on your flat screen. Sit too close, and the images will get pixilated; too far, and you might not be able to see clearly. This happens especially with larger Full HD TVs. When you are buying a new TV, all you have to do is remember this simple formula: the viewing distance should be approximately ¼ of the screen size, except for the fact that viewing distance is in feet, and screen size is inches. So if you are buying a 32 inch LCD, you should sit about eight feet away. Also, be aware that LCD and LED TVs have a narrower viewing angles, so make sure you place the TV in such a way that people don’t have to crane their necks to watch it with you.

Here’s the deal breaker – how much money do you really want to spend on a TV? Although prices have dropped considerably and cheaper brands are flocking the market, an HDTV is still a luxury for most people. It’s also a good idea to double-check what features are available on the TV, as some of them are unnecessary. If the technology is brand new, the manufacturer might add a huge chunk to the price. For instance, some brands  has recently launched Smart LED TVs  but the downside is that they cost as much as a small car. On the other hand, Onida has launched their own range of India’s first android powered Onida iTube  smart LED TV which are pretty cost effective.


  1. I bought a Onida LED TV last diwali, In the last one year, the screen pixels have already burned out twice and it has gone to the service center twice. The Onida Service repair man says, the LED should not be used for more than 3 hrs at stretch otherwise the pixels will burn. I had to buy the extended warranty to make sure the set does not go bad.

    I had always high regard for Onida, in fact my earlier TV was also Onida and going by that only I went ahead and bought the Onida LED.

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