Wednesday, 5 October 2011

ONIDA iTUBE- India's First Android SMART LED TV

ONIDA iTube SMART LED TV with 3D and Internet

Onida has launched its latest innovation in LED television. The new innovative LED- Onida iTube- is India’s first Smart LED TV which is powered by Android. Onida iTube delivers a superior 3D experience of viewing and is internet enabled by Android which allows user access to large number of apps available in the Android market. Onida iTube LED TV has a stylish slim Diamond Edge bezel (frame) resulting in seamless and awesome viewing experience. 

ONIDA iTube – India’s first Android powered 3D, Internet LED TV 
What makes ONIDA iTube so special and India’s first user friendly Smart LED TV ?

        a) Only ONIDA iTube is powered by Android which unleashes the   world of apps available in the Android market .It has internal memory of 70 MB to store nearly 100 apps in your personal apps library

    b) Only ONIDA iTube has Stylish Slim Diamond Edge bezel    (frame) which gives you Seamless and awesome 3D viewing in addition to supporting all 3D formats.

      c) Only ONIDA iTube is powered by Dual Processing which allows you to download your content while viewing the TV .

              d) Only ONIDA iTube has Multi Functional QWERTY remote which  enables an easy browsing experience on the Internet.

           e) Only ONIDA iTube provides you a Internet Browsing Interface that is simple and easy to use. Access to the net has never been so easy.


Now with ONIDA iTube you don’t have to move an inch to surf internet, play games, download content, check information & even pay your bills online.
The ONIDA iTube LED TV is being now bundled in a 32 inch screen size with easy to use polarized 3D Glasses.
The other features which makes it stand apart from the competitors in the market are the Wifi, Ethernet, Movie USBx3, Full HD, All sync, 2D to 3D conversion and comfortable 3 D glasses that comes along with it. It is an all-in-one entertainment center with Internet.
So unwind, browse, play, network and change the world around you without moving an inch.



  1. Is This Active 3D or Passive 3D?

  2. can i attach usb keyboard mouse to this?

  3. could i purchase it online. wht is the price.

  4. i bought onida 3d tv and can we connect key board ^ also advice its a which android os version

  5. I bought onida itube Smart Android tv 40” Model – LEO40AFWIN for 61,000/- (Sixty one thousand) from Adishwar Electronics in Bangalore - (No-3D in this model) Please note other than tv it wont work anything properly.

    i'm using wire-line internet connection as well wifi and the speed of my internet connection is 20mbps (High Speed).

    Facing problems as follows:-

    1. Connect with wifi or wire line to this tv it wont work properly or Internet always slow or Some time it wont work.
    2. If u r watching always retrieve and any you-tube video and if you want to make full scree its really difficult, the curser which we can make full screen or if you want to any video from middle you cannot click or drag on the video lane or full screen box, if you click the video in middle by any chance error will come and the video wont show.
    3. There is an option for SD CARD in this TV to download and if you downloading anything the option will shows that Download to External SD Card please note there is no External SD Card Slot in this tv to insert SD CARD. (Seller will hide this) ☹
    4. You can’t download any Large Apps or even smaller than large apps from Android in this tv because no space or you will get error that your device is not compatible most of the apps you can’t download, only few basic apps can download.
    5. Please note you can’t upgrade your android app to new version.
    6. If you want to upgrade new version you can do it from SIDEME app automatically some time it asks update, again install, after that error will come and says force to close, I never able to upgrade new version till now.
    7. Too much of FAN Sound (4 times repaired and exchanged by Onida technicians)
    8. TV will get so much of Heat and fan noise; so much mean it’s too…much
    9. You can browse email, Facebook, Twitter, world radio, music and etc…but you should have passions and if you have long time than you can enjoy. ☹
    10. Over all experience out of 5 I can give 2, this 2 for clarity & few of new technology.
    11. Suggestion to the people, please don’t go or buy onida itube Smart Android tv 40” Model – LEO40AFWIN for huge money you will not get satisfaction for your money.
    12. Will surely upload the photos and videos of onida itube Smart Android tv 40” Model – LEO40AFWIN in You-tube and share the link.

    Happy buying…..Don’t make mistake like me….

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  8. What is demo option.what key demo key